Are you tired of presenting boring data dump using your MS Excel? The GOOD NEWS is with the same MS Excel you can create button and make your own interactive tables and dancing charts just like some of the other popular software.

YES! You read it right, just MS Excel can do it!

Can't believe it is true? Come for a 2-hour workshop session, we will teach you how to build a simple interactive tables and dancing charts for RM500  FREE.

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"Create interactive table and dancing chart"

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*Important: Participants are required to bring their own laptop (with mouse) installed with MS Excel 2010 or 2013 or 2016. (Computer / laptop will not be provided.)

“Go beyond where you are now with MS Excel."

"This is one of the essential skills that every corporate executive MUST have."

File crashes and formula errors....does it sounds familiar too? Well, that's mean you have lack of understanding of the nature of MS Excel.

Come for the 2-hour session, we will tell you how to overcome file crashes and formula errors for RM500.

FREE Workshop

Current Challenges

What Smart Excel is…..

Smart Excel is an innovative yet structured approach in using spreadsheet to build business models based on sustainable principles. With the right combination of simple formula and functions, you can create your own Business Intelligent-like reports and Dashboards by just using MS Excel. The best part is you can update these regular reports and Dashboards at a fraction of your usual lead time.

Above all, it transforms your usual dump data reports into dynamic analysis with charts. Thus, your audience will appreciate meaningful insights with interactive commentaries, key performance indicators and metrics.

Smart Excel
Check out what you can do.....

The interactive and integrated business analytics report can be updated with just a few clicks. Let's watch....

Create simulation for business proposal, budget and projections in just one file.

Create effective business dashboard that speaks volume.

“A new level of mindset on how to communicate your findings and stories in data visualization."

“Build business models based on sustainable principles."

Past Participants

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Mesi Power Contract Management

".......Angela is very professional and very helpful...Though class was very intensive but we enjoyed throughout the class as we solved a lot of exercises together .... the functions and formula I learned is very useful to my work...."

Edward Finance Department

"......Previously my summary was quite long and big.... When I need to printout, I had to squeeze all the tables together. With the functions and technics that I learned, I can now simplify my summary even more. In fact I can put in more new data which is useful for management in decision making.... With interact tables and charts, it would ease our management to view different period.... "

Jaffar Regulatory Economics & Management Division

"....It is very interesting and many unexpected technics....I've learnt a lot and I know I can achieve more from now on....It's a must for everyone who works with EXCEL."

Merryana Delivery Division

"......By learning this Smart Excel actually help me in my daily task in handling large data. I now know I can simplify and make my data presentation more meaningful...."

About YEN SIZ MEE (Angela)

Course Developer | Master Trainer

(Certified HRDF Trainer : TTT / 17452)

Angela has a diverse career experience that spans from corporate consultancy, to audit and managing companies. This includes a seven year tenure with one of the “Big 4” as a Senior Consultant. She handled feasibility studies and corporate restructuring such as IPOs, reverse takeovers and corporate debts restructuring for various industries.

Later whilst with a KLSE-listed group, she was responsible for preparing the budgets, projections as well as business models and simulations for potential business proposals. Her knack for preparing appropriate SOPs had also contributed additional million-ringgits in revenue.

A UK-graduate, Angela is known for her realistic, methodical and practical orientated delivery, that transforms the strenuous data and figure sorter into the forefront as a business analyst.


Angela - Course developer and course trainer

Register now!

Limited to 20 seats only!

  Date : To be advised
Time :

*Important: Participants are required to bring their own laptop (with mouse) installed with MS Excel 2010 or 2013 or 2016. (Computer / laptop will not be provided.)

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